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The Spa Association--SPAA is your one-stop organization for spa and wellness  business growth.  The leader in the all things spa and wellness,  SPAA unites medical spas, day spas, resorts, hotel spas, and wellness centers.  JOIN SPAA to enjoy  Benefits and resources offered.

SPAA provides standards of safety and a comprehensive scope of practice for facilities, products and professionals in the wellness industry.  More than just leading consumers to the perfect choice for their personal care, SPAA educates, unites and supports professionals in the wellness, fitness, spa and professional beauty genre.

Providing industry studies, timely data, ingredient and formulary details, SPAA offers green certification programs as a complimentary benefit to membership.  Please visit our Green programs here. Since 2001 SPAA has been the trusted resource of the international spa community. JOIN SPAA TODAY!

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