Deep Cleansing
A basic cleanup removes dead cells, and moisturizes facial skin, leaving it smooth and glowing. The facial skin is first cleansed using steam, and the blackheads and whiteheads are removed. Then tiny granules are massaged in a circular motion gently exfoliating the skin, after which it is moisturized. A face cleanup unclogs all the pores, gets rid of dead skin and impurities, leaving the skin squeaky clean. Those suffering from acute acne and rashes can try a cleanup rather than a facial.

European or Classic Facial
A regular facial is the most cost-effective facial. It is a simple process of cleansing with steam, exfoliating with a scrub, applying a mask suitable for your skin type, and at last hydrating the skin with a good moisturizing agent. These facials are recommended twice a month to help add life to dull, lackluster skin. However, it is mostly beneficial for normal skin and not for acne prone skin.

Acne Reduction Facial
This facial is recommended for people who have oily skin, and are suffering from acute acne problems. The process includes deep cleansing, steaming, and exfoliation. To reduce the severity of acne, various formulated masques are applied after the exfoliating process. These facials should be done at regular intervals to ensure oil-free, acne-sans skin. However, since salicylic and glycolic acids are used in this process, it is advisable to consult your dermatologist before having them done.

Electric Current Facial
These facials are available widely nowadays. Electric facials use micro-current, which emits positive and negative current with the help of two wands. This stimulates the tissues, increasing circulation. The result is effective as it lifts the muscles and makes them more plump and glowing. It is also known as the non-surgical facelift.

Galvanic Facial
Galvanic facials are a good option for people with dry and dull skin. Galvanic facial treatments increase moisture retention, which is a boon for dry skin. They are also done to tighten pores and reduce inflammation. These facials are not limited to just facial skin, but can done almost anywhere on the body. However, a galvanic facial is not recommended for people suffering from any heart ailments, or anyone with pacemakers and braces.

Fruit Facial
Fruit facials are totally natural, cost-effective, and have no side-effects. The enzymes and antioxidants found in fresh fruits help reduce dark spots and fine lines. Fruits with vitamin C are extremely beneficial, as they give the skin a beautiful radiance. Fruit facials don’t always have to be done at salons or spas. You can easily mix up a little fruit pulp and apply it on your face in the comfort of your home. So the next time you throw away an over-ripe fruit, think twice.

Paraffin Facial
Paraffin wax facials are done widely nowadays and used by a lot of celebrities. It is specially beneficial for dull and dehydrated skin. The process involves applying warm wax over a gauge mask. As the warm wax cools slowly, it opens up the pores, cleanses and moisturizes the face. When the wax is removed, hydrated and clear skin is revealed. This paraffin treatment can be done on the hands and feet as well.

Antioxidant Facial
Antioxidants are chemicals that help fight against the daily damages done to the skin by the sun and pollution. It evens skin tone, clears the complexion, and makes it luminous. This facial involves the usage of creams and masks enriched with vitamin A, C and E, along with beta-carotene. It deep cleanses the pores and removes all impurities. These facials are recommended for mature and aging skin.

Gold Facial
This facial makes use of creams containing 24-carat pure gold, which penetrates the skin easily. It is a powerful rejuvenating treatment. Gold has a powerful effect on lymphatic drainage, facilitating the removal of toxins and wastes. This accelerates the regeneration of new cells. Masks containing gold are also applied. A gold facial helps to restore youthful qualities like softness, smoothness, elasticity, resilience, and radiance.

Anti-Aging Facials
The anti-aging facials involve the usage of products and techniques that can slow down the aging process. These facials help brighten the skin, and the massages help tighten sagging skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. Collagen facials, microdermabrasion and glycolic acid facials fall under this category.

Collagen Facial
Collagen is a natural protein that is produced by our skin to keep it tight and supple. As we age, it starts to break down, which leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. Collagen facials are therefore used to help regain the natural suppleness of the facial skin. After cleansing and exfoliating, a collagen cream is massaged on the face and left for about half an hour. Regular collagen are recommended for people over 25 years, though, here, an allergy test is a must.

Microdermabrasion the best way to get rid of dead cells that make our skin look dull and lack-luster. Basically, it involves blasting a stream of micro-particles through a vacuum, which acts as the exfoliating agent. It is powerful enough to remove all the dead flaky cells that are hard to remove. Although the skin might face some redness initially (which is only temporary), it is a gentle process and hardly painful. These facials are advisable to sensitive skin as well.

Glycolic Acid Facial
Glycolic acid is a type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which is found mostly in sugarcane, beetroots, and milk sugars. It is an excellent anti-aging and spot-removal product. It helps in penetrating into the dead cells of the skin, and gradually loosens the ‘glue’ that holds them together. These facials are done by experienced professionals, since a high concentration of acid is used. It is very necessary to follow the post-treatment instructions, as the skin becomes very sensitive.

Facials for Men
If all the men out there think that proper skincare is only for women, then think again. Men need to give as much attention and TLC to maintain youthful looking skin. Since the skin of men is different from women, they need different products and applications for themselves. Here are two facials that men can choose from.

Aromasque Facial
Aromasque facials are for men who are constantly under stress and tension. These facials are done using aromatic oils that hydrate and relax the facial muscles. Aromasque facials are a great way to add life to dull and damaged skin.

Regenerating Facial
These facials are beneficial for men who are constantly exposed to the sun and pollution. Dehydrated skin tends to lose radiance and turn dull. Regenerating facials help bring back the lost moisture, and
revitalize the skin.
There are a few more types of facials that are for men including the microdermabrasion and fruit facials. Regular care and treatments can reduce the appearance of fine lines and premature aging.


Algae: Algae, which is also known as seaweed, is applied to your entire body. The algae paste is applied warm and you will be cocooned in blankets to stay warm. Algae is used to nourish and detoxify the skin. One must be careful in considering this wrap if they are allergic to iodine or shellfish.

Clay: This is like a mud wrap (see below). There are many different types of clay and each one is used for different therapies. However, clay is primarily for detoxification and to diminish cellulite as it helps to rid the body of excess water. Specific aromatherapy oils may be added to the clay to not only smell good, but also to provide additional results.

Compression or Pressotherapy: This is by far the most popular of body wrap treatments for inch loss. This wrap can easily be classified as a “mummy wrap.” Though most all body wraps require wrapping or cocooning, the compression wrap always uses elastic bandages to achieve maximum results. Although the products used for this wrap can vary from aloe, clay, herbal, and mineral; the mineral body wrap being the most popular compression wrap.

Cryotherapy: A cold wrap treatment, designed to control excess fluid in the hip, leg and thigh areas. Cryotherapy is used mainly to help with fluid retention. Because of the coolness of this type of wrap, the circulatory system is stimulated, helping the body to rid itself of the excess fluids. Although this wrap is very effective, if you have a low tolerance for cold, then this is probably the most uncomfortable wrap available.

Herbal: Cotton cloth, muslin or elastic bandages are soaked in an herb-infused solution and you are wrapped firmly and cocooned in plastic and in blankets to keep you warm. Used for skin softening and inch loss body wraps.

Mineral: Mineral body wraps, which are also called compression or active wraps are the most popular for inch loss. These body wraps mostly contain calcium, mineral, potassium and other pertinent minerals to help with detoxification. This is the wrap is uses the elastic bandages that have been soaked in the mineral solution. You are wrapped very tightly, but not too tight as to cut off circulation and then you will be doing light exercise for one hour while in the wrap. The bandages help to compress the fat cells, the minerals help to release the toxins in between the fat cells and the movement keeps the lymphatic system working to help flush the system. The mineral wrap is also known as the slimming body wrap.

Mud: Mud, like clay, can help to pull the impurities from the body when it is drying on the body. Mud treatments are used to help with water retention and may may help ease arthritis and soothe minor skin irritations.

Niacin: The niacin wrap is designed to promote circulation to break up and help rid the body of trapped toxins. With this particular wrap you will be slathered with a cream product and then wrapped firmly with a plastic film to keep the product close to your skin. You will then relax for one hour cocooned in blankets to keep you warm.

Paraffin: Paraffin is best known as an addition to a manicure or pedicure. With a manicure or pedicure you “dip” your hands or feet into the wax after a lotion or cream are applied. The heat of the wax helps the lotion or cream to penetrate the skin and the wax keeps the heat in.  When using paraffin as part of a body treatment, the paraffin will be brushed on your body after a lotion, cream or oil is applied. You will then be cocooned in blankets to keep the heat in. Not only does this type of body treatment have a softening and moisturizing effect, but also helps to reduce aches and pains of the muscles and joints. Many arthritis sufferers use paraffin as daily home treatments. This treatment is very popular during the cold winter months or in very dry climates.

Parafango: This body treatment is much like the Paraffin Wrap above. “Fango” means mud in Italian. This treatment uses a warmed mixture of paraffin wax and mud to help stimulate the skin and pull out toxins through the skin. When combing the paraffin with mud, you get a double whammy of a treatment. The mud helps to detoxify the body while the paraffin keeps the mud “glued” to you to achieve maximum results. You will need to relax and lie still for about 45 minutes while being cocooned in blankets to keep you warm.

Seaweed: Your body is slathered with a warm mixture of seaweed. You will then be cocooned in a plastic sheeting and then you are wrapped in a heated blanket. The seaweed wrap is a great detoxifying wrap as it is very high in minerals. However, if you are allergic to iodine, then caution should be taken.

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