Spa Marketing Best Practices

Spa Marketing Best Practices

Spa Marketing is a complicated thing in that the laws of attraction are in play.  Getting the attention of those who will become valuable clients in the short and long term isn’t easy.  Particularly with such a saturated market, your message has to be unique and shout of your brand’s values.  In fact, marketing is a to the point invitation to come to your spa.  With that said, there are some very specific things that you want to do or not do.

Advertising sales, coupons, discounts or the deal of the day is a waste of your money.  Those who visit a spa simply due to cost are not the clients you want to attract.  They hop from deal to deal with high expectations of more.  They aren’t loyal to your licensed team, your treatments, your facility or your products.  They don’t refer their friends.  They don’t buy homecare. They are unlikely to be interested in becoming more educated and, in turn, don’t typically understand the qualifications of your staff.  Your advertising dollars are wasted.  On top of all of that your advertising investment is going towards offering services at less than average prices.

Consistency in your brand’s message, no matter how boring you might view it, is powerful stuff.  Remember, this is a saturated market and most spas are selling identical messages.  Get with an advertising and marketing pro or internally master the process of honing a clear message. Make the message chant your name, strengths and magic.  Depending on your strengths you may choose a constant of one page ads, a smattering of smaller ads, or better yet, a combination of both.

Keep an eye on SPAA’s articles and content for what your spa team should do to ensure success in all of your marketing endeavors.  Then watch your business and bottom line grow.

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