Green Strategies

Neal’s Yard was the first of the high-street retailers to take a strong stance for carbon footprint corporate responsibility beginning with its programs in 2008.  As of late the company has expanded its carbon neutral program to involve a consumer carbon neutral program as well as to adhere to an internal strategy for carbon management.  The program includes:

  1. Avoid processes and materials that create a carbon footprint at all.
  2. Reduce the use of energy by creating energy efficient technology including equipment that create the most useful ends without the use of carbon.
  3. Replace fossil fuels with renewable options—demand forms of green energy throughout the cycle of a product and within the company from start to finish.
  4. Offset While offsetting the use of carbon with other green options within the company is a last resort, carbon use is measured in the areas that there is still a necessity, such as freight of the end product, and reduces carbon use where it can within the product cycle.


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