Green Consumers

shutterstock_58424929“Green consumer habits have become increasingly driven by the financial advantages they bring to the consumer. However, consumers have also come to expect a high level of environmental and ethical integrity from the brands they patronize, despite the fact that they are often unprepared to pay more for the benefits.” – Jack Duckett, Lifestyles Analyst, Mintel.

Meanwhile, in a recent SPAA poll of consumer behavior in North America reports that spa goers are very concerned about what is in products for their skin and body care. Among consumers top concerns are:

The use of dyes and harsh preservatives.
Over-packaging like adding a box to the bottled product.
Honesty in advertising.
Educational materials pre-purchase.
Brand awareness and action towards social causes.
Multiple use products.

If the quality is perceived to be high consumers will pay more in mid to upper tier purchasing behavior. Packaging alterations to indicate “green” or “organic” with little to no proof of the claims is a brand killer. Likewise, high concentration of product at a higher price is preferred.

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