Hilton Blue Report

Hilton commissioned a survey of 6,000 respondents throughout the 
United States, Great Britain, Australia and China to offer additional global and 
regional insight.

In summary, this 2012 report:
• Identifies spa-goers and spa behavior based on generation, highlighting key 
differentiators and motivators for each age group 
• Discusses the increasingly savvy modern spa Guest, who is more enlightened 
about the overall efficacy of spa treatments and related products 
• Highlights the growing importance of men to the global spa industry and how a 
successful spa should tailor its offerings for this market 
• Touches on the need for global spa concepts to offer consistent services across 
their portfolios while also allowing for local flexibility 
• Underscores the overall importance of spa to the hotel industry, offering hotels 
a distinct competitive advantage in booking, driving revenue and attracting local 
customers beyond the overnight Guest 
• Notes the significance of business travelers, who are increasingly looking for 
relevant ways to decompress between meetings as well as extend their visits as 
part of the larger phenomenon of “blended travel” 
• Offers additional insight on regional trends being seen by experts throughout 
the Americas, Middle East and Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific

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