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SPAA BenefitsTraining should be a constant in the spa.  Never ending improvement in the professional arena is a must if one is to keep clients up to date on the latest ingredients, procedures, equipment and home care routines.  Among training sessions offered by SPAA, are retail sales and merchandising, outside sales systems for manufacturers and distributors as well as a host of best practice styled learning programs for mastery of business and technical skills.


Spa Selling Systems

Prescribing homecare is only the tip of the iceberg in this intensive—“make it happen now” approach to consultative and results driven selling. Merchandising tips, ways to work retail into your treatment room, making the sale from first impression to closing, handling objections are all of part of the program. Learn ways to bring clients and referrals in, upsell the treatment and add on the necessary additions that complement the look. Finally, find out how to quickly draw in the new client and then make them a part of your regular clientele forever by using natural basic techniques of the spa sale.


Earn a half-million dollars per treatment room…! Is it possible? ABSOLUTELY! Learn how to really produce revenues where your real profits should be coming from your treatment rooms. Master the art of creating a menu that allows for series sales, home care profits, add on treatments and making that connection with your client that will last throughout the life-span of your spa.  Pre-booking, branding, and referral tools will also be offered. No matter if you are an independent practitioner of an esthetician in a larger spa this is a class that you can’t afford to miss.  Start making more with each treatment right now!

Redo that Menu!

Bring your menu and a red pen and join this working session to eliminate the excess from your menu. Learn to tighten up offerings; focus in on what your spa does best and add money makers that you are overlooking. Get a feel for which treatments provide series sales opportunities; which might be package additions and which really should serve as your bread and butter. Take advantage of efficient training tips and how to truly make home care sales a reality through your treatments.  Don’t miss this money making class.

New Media and Social Marketing

In just the last three years we have seen print die at the hands of digital and our methods of communicating marketing messages have radically changed. Find out more about how to micro blog, improve your website, get social to help your business and drive content to make your spa a daily fixture of your clients’ lives. Site optimization, financing programs, computer and point of sale options, SEO and reputation enhancement are also included. Find out how to streamline your email and newsletter program, place digital ads and finely tune selecting and selling to your digital primary market.

Elevate your Practice and Your Life

We are what we consistently do.  In an intimate career path of an esthetician, massage therapist or spa director, clients are literally touched by your energy.  Find out how to fill your book, sell like never before, gain the trust of your clientele and build referral sales.  Time management, state management and mastering the art of self and other motivation are skill sets that can’t be overlooked if you want to shoot to the top of the food chain in the spa industry. Side effects of this class include: empowerment, passion, joy and creating better relationships. Please take this class if you want to make more money and be more as a professional and individual.

Marketing Yourself and your Spa

Some of the best things in life are free, but you have to know what you are looking for.  No matter your budget or the size of your facility you are sitting on a goldmine and don’t even know it.  This is a fast paced class on creating awareness of your spa and treatments offered.  Setting your spa apart from the crowd and promoting a culture that creates raging fans as a natural bi-product. Learn tactics to draw attention to your spa that are absolutely FREE.  Further promote yourself, your treatments and your homecare using methods that require little if any investment. Please come to this class prepared to launch into the realm of unmatched success.

Spa Strategy

Defining your competitive edge, examining competing spa entities and resolving blocks to your brand’s imminent success are just a few teasers to the content of this class.  Find out how to compete with vying spa, salon and wellness entities.  Pursue your brand’s growth in ways never imagined.  Strengthen your spa’s key assets.  Renew the way you think about your career and the longevity of your spa.  Boldly go to the next level of success with solutions to.  unsolvable problems, complaints and endless struggles.  Learn immediate skill sets for elevating your daily approach.

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