Retail Sales

Retail sales at the spa isn’t about selling items; rather, retail selling is thoughtful, prescriptive counseling encouraging the spa client to take home professional care items to continue the results achieved at the spa.  Retail selling is something that many spa staffers are adverse to. They feel that “pushing products” or selling spa products is in some way dishonest or pushy.  In fact, prescribing professional care to a spa client is exactly the follow through that is expected by many spa goers in their quest to resolve troubling issues like cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles and acne.  Many spa clients want and expect results from a spa visit. While immediate results probably will be experienced in the treatment room, this is just the beginning of professional care. Pre-booking next visits to the spa along with continual use of professional products will lead to life long results.  Licensed spa staff are in the front lines of this process.  SPAA routinely offers webinars, articles tradeshow and in-house training to develop the natural talent of spa practitioners and teams.  Our certification programs offer comprehensive training to ensure success in real world situations at the spa.

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