Spa Secure


The Spa Association (SPAA) receives phone calls every day from consumers who want to locate a spa that is dedicated to the highest level of health and safety standards. They also want to be directed to a spa that provides first-class customer service and employs the most qualified personnel. They are demanding a list of spas that meet their explicit expectations and are requesting a consumer tool to distinguish exceptional spas from the rest.   

 Spa Secure is an international benchmarking and licensing program, which gives consumers a tool to immediately recognize exceptional spas. Spa Secure’s logo is given to licensed spas meeting this criteria and is used as a tool to identify spas that are above the crowd. The logo represents a dedication to the industry’s highest business principles, customer service operations and health and safety standards. Spa Secure is a self-monitoring tool as much as a consumer indicator for measuring integrity and credibility to the spa industry.  Further, the simple Spa Secure emblem gives consumers the ability to distinguish the industry’s most exceptional spas.

Spa Secure is a FREE service to those spas which are Plat inum Level SPAA Members. Consumer health and safety shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be the standard.

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