Wellness Analytics in the HR Process

“Strategic analytics are the engine of the most engaging wellness programs. We know that employees who improve their well-being perform better at work, stay longer and cost less to insure. This is why we’re investing so heavily in our business insights team and tools.”

“Employee well-being isn’t just an HR strategy, it’s a business strategy. That’s why it’s so important to evaluate population trends as frequently and thoroughly as we do other corporate outcomes,” said Allen Kline, vice president of health and wellness at Kohl’s Department Stores. “Improving our employees’ well-being is extremely important to us and directly aligns with our current Make Your Move consumer marketing campaign. With the Limeade insights dashboards, I can monitor progress on our population segments, provide company leaders with timely insights on the fly and adjust our strategy accordingly.”

The insights dashboards are easy to use, giving novices and data enthusiasts alike the control to view, explore and gain insights at their convenience. Limeade customers can create and save custom views; automate daily, weekly or monthly email alerts; and easily share simple, smart charts at a moment’s notice.

These new tools display trend reports across the entire population, and customers can segment by division, health level, geography, demographic group and many other ways. The reports highlight and compare dozens of key metrics including:

  • Sustained program participation
  • Incentive level completion
  • Shifts in biometric health risks
  • Program participation trends (e.g., participation by level of health risk)

“Data is only as valuable as it is actionable. With the insights dashboards, I’m able to view our program’s performance and understand how well specific strategies are working so I can adapt in real time,” said Michele Ritala, health & welfare program manager at Puget Sound Energy. “One of our goals is to engage employee spouses and domestic partners, and I’ve used the dashboards to measure the impact of our targeted communications to these groups. Based on our findings, we’re working with Limeade to explore additional communication strategies that will further increase participation.”

The insights dashboards allow customers to manipulate data that matters most to them. Administrators can drill into subgroup trends and combine analyses to view correlations between program strengths, weaknesses and actionable opportunities. Dashboards also reveal trends over time, including long-term well-being and health risk shifts and ongoing employee participation.

The insights dashboards adhere to stringent HIPAA privacy standards, protecting personally identifiable health data from employers and their wellness program managers.

“Data is powerful,” Kippen said. “But we’re careful to balance that power with a commitment to personal privacy. The insights dashboards won’t reveal data of groups with fewer than 20 people to ensure anonymity.”

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