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With the plethora of spa and wellness retreats around the globe it can be difficult simply choosing one or two to try on your next journey.  Explore some of the highlights of any personal growth and wellness trip.  From fresh water springs and mineral pools to ultra environmental friendly spas carefully placed in the jungle, there is an abundance of health and personal refinement options just about anywhere you decide to venture.

Seasonal finds, spa travel tips, dayspa advice, treatment types and wellness options.  The spa and wellness center has never looked so promising whether in Hong Kong, Thailand, South Africa or Canada, it seems wherever you next find your plans there will be wonderful choices to be made in the alternative medicine, wellness, beauty, fitness and personal growth categories.

Trust SPAA to lead you to the best experience for you whether it be domestic or abroad, exotic or classic.  Knowledge about treatments, safety and how select a spa for your personal comfort.


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