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Global Spas and Wellness:  Where to go and what to expect when traveling or searching for the ideal retreat to renew your health, mind-body connection and establish a balanced routine.


The South Pacific island nation of Fiji is not only an inviting and beautiful vacation destination, but its 333 islands are home to scenic wonders, both natural and man-made, and are the cradle of ancient myths and legends as well as modern political sagas. Here are a few of the more memorable facts about Fiji:

• Fiji became an independent republic in 1970, following nearly a century as British colony. Its capital is Suva, on the main island of Viti Levu.

• English is Fiji’s official language (although Fijian is also spoken) and the literacy rate among adults is almost 94 percent.

• Fiji’s 333 islands (about 110 of them inhabited) are home to approximately 883,000 people, three quarters of whom live on the main island of Viti Levu.

• Fiji receives between 400,000 and 500,000 tourists annually.

• About 57 percent of Fiji’s population is native Melanesian or Melanesia/Polynesian mix, while 37 percent is descended from indentured Indians brought to the islands in the late 19th century by the British to work the sugar cane plantations.

• Fiji’s democratic rule has been tested several times over the past four decades by military and civilian coups. The first two military coups occurred in 1987 over concerns that the government was being dominated by the Indian community. A civilian coup occurred in May 2000, followed by the democratic election of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, who was re-elected in May 2006. But Quarese was forced out in December 2006 in a military coup led by Commodore Voreqe Baininarama, who subsequently become interim prime minister. However, Bainimarama has refused to hold democratic elections.

• Fiji is home to over 4,000 square miles of coral reef, including the Great Astrolabe Reef.

• Fiji’s waters are home to over 1,500 species of sea life.

• Fiji has 28 airports, but only four of them have paved runways.

• Fiji’s highest point is Mt. Tomanivi at 4,344 feet.

• Fiji’s main religion is Christian, followed by Hindu and Roman Catholic.

• The largest Hindu temple in Fiji is the colorful Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, one of the major landmarks in Nadi and is easily accessed to or from the airport.

• According to ancient Fijian mythology, Fiji’s history began in 1500 BC when giant war canoes arrived from Taganika north of Egypt, carrying Chief Lutunasobasoba and special cargo: treasures from the the Temple of King Soloman in Judah, including special box called the “Kato,” meaning case, and “Mana,” meaning Magic, which in Fijian translates to “Box of Blessings.” When the box toppled into the sea in the Mamnuca islands, Lutunasobasoba gave the command not to retrieve it, but his General Degei returned at a later date and tried. He only succeeded in getting a big diamond that was outside the box and was immediately cursed and transformed into a snake with a diamond on his head for all eternity and is trapped in an ocean cave in Sawa-i-lau in the Yasawas. Fijians believe the box is still buried today in the waters between Likuliku and Mana and has brought great blessings to the area’s villages.

Among the inviting spas in Fiji are:

Senikai Spas, an award winning local company with international standards offer an extensive range of relaxing & therapeutic face & body treatments. All treatments are enhanced with our very own naturally based skin & body care range, Essence of Fiji. Senikai Spas’ highly qualified therapists are carefully selected from its very own highly accredited academy (South Pacific Academy of Beauty Therapy), our therapists will ensure a truly rejuvenating spa experience - the perfect way to unwind during your island escape.

Bebe Spa Fiji  Be captivated by Bebe!  Cocooned in a culture 3,000 years in the making, a new spa experience emerges like no other.  Signature treatments using indigenous ingredients and techniques fuse with the world’s finest spa products from Pevonia Botanica. This spectacular spa floats majestically above Outrigger on the Lagoon • Fiji resort on a plateau known to local villagers as Vakalomalagi Hill – Heavenly Hill.  Surrounded by deliciously lush, undulating landscape, this location is at a breathtaking altitude offering the purest ocean views. Rising above in design, concept, and location, Bebe Spa encompasses eight treatment rooms with private open-air balconies that reveal sweeping views of the Coral Coast. All balconies feature unique “Showers in the Sky” and four of these balconies provide hydrotherapy tubs to bathe in sublime relaxation. Your cocoon awaits.  Emerge renewed from Bebe Spa at Outrigger on the Lagoon • Fiji!

The Wakaya Club & Spa is a retreat for mind, body and soul — an exclusive pristine island hideaway. This is a totally natural environment where every breath is clean and clear, every bite fresh and organic, every whim fulfilled. Breeze is a couple’s spa replete with a body-temperature salt water, water shiatsu/plunge pool, overlooking an azure lagoon. Breeze has been designed especially with you in mind, as the ultimate venue for restorative pampering. We offer the most sensational massages ever, utilizing a hybrid Shiatsu/Swedish technique.

Spas of Berlin

At the Liquidrom, the main attraction is a huge salt water pool where you can float around while colorful lights and smooth music surrounds you. On weekends also offer live musical performances.

Besides the pool a minimalistic with a spa in warm hues beckoning your relax-response. In the ecclectic sauna area you will find a steam bath, a Finnish sauna (90 degrees), a Himalaya Salt Sauna (60 degrees) and a Kelo Panorama Sauna (80 degrees). Outside is a small warm pool where you can watch the stars after a special infusion which happens every full hour in the Finnish Sauna.

You will have the best view in the courtyard while lying on one of the comfy loungers with a soft mattress and a fluffy blanket. But try to come here on weekdays if you don’t want to fight for a lounger and space in the Sauna.

The vibe of the Liquidrom is mello but social. Bringing friends or meeting others while at the spa makes for a perfect experience. The bar offers healthful drinks and light organic fare.  If you don’t have appropriate clothing you can purchase or rent towels as well as other accessories such as beach shoes that you might find useful.

Spa de Rome

What was once a gargantuan jewel vault now encloses a 65-foot swimming pool, six treatment rooms and a state-of-the-art gym, punctuated by marble columns and lined with golden Bizazza mosaic. The Spa de Rome therapists pride themselves on their holistic approach, and the harmony of the mind, body and spirit is their guiding philosophy. In the summer, spa guests can adjourn to the fifth floor terrace where soft sun beds await.

Covering almost 10,000 square feet, the spa offers a wide range of treatments, massages and beauty programs based on both traditional methods and advanced cosmetic research. The spa features an Aveda hairdressing salon, three spa suites, 13 treatment rooms and a yoga studio, allowing visitors to relax and rejuvenate in the most capable hands. The attention to detail is impeccable. On arrival, guests are greeted with a cup of tea, a soft pair of slippers and the warmth of a fireplace, and the service is faultless from start to finish.


Look no further for a play to stay in Berlin.  Aspria managed to take staying fit, eating nutritiously, and enjoying a balanced lifestyle for their guests.  Part spa, part hotel and absolutely what you need to fill your wellness quota every day.

Fit and relaxed, rested and healthy, beautiful and self-indulgent, vital and happy - so you should feel every day. Discover in Aspria how well sport, Spa and Indulgences feel and how well you will do our holistic offering personal training and customized training plans. In Aspria an exceptionally large range of courses, the latest fitness trends and training equipment, large swimming pools, world-class spas and a unique club feel that makes every moment perfect.  All of this at a “hotel?”  Give it a try.

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