Balinese Spa Treatments

Balinese Spa Treatments

Melinda Minton: How do you come up with signature treatments that are truly indigenous?

What is the motivation for each spa’s theme, treatment selection?  How do these treatments translate into homecare that continue that profession grade of care offered at the spa?

Dr. Sanjay: Signature Spa treatments are created after researching the traditional healing and beauty rituals of the location that we are in. Then the elements of the indigenous healing culture are inter-woven with scientific spa treatments methodology and they are individually tailored to create specific treatments packages for tranquility or Invigoration or Energy.  For example, in Kriya Spa, indigenous Jamu herbalism from Indonesia is incorporated to create the techniques of spa treatments like the Authentic Balinese Massage or incorporation of the locally available herbal or floral resources in body scrubs or wraps.

The methods of treatments vary from external herbal oil (Frangipani, Jasmine for Tranquility or Kaffir Lime for Energy) based massage treatments to application of spice pastes and balms for pain relief  e.g. - Balinese Boreh Body Wrap treatment or Royal  Java Lulur Body Scrub for Pre-nuptial Beautification.

Melinda Minton: How do you tie these treatments into a theme for the spa?  It would seem that those choices create a delicate marriage.

Dr. Sanjay: The Spa’s theme is determined by the location that it is in. The spa experience in terms of facility and treatments will reflect the location and healing philosophies to offer our guest a “sense of place and culture”. Services will incorporate ingredients indigenous to that location, probably derived from the marine, mineral & botanical resources around that region to deliver an authentic and signature treatment experience

Melinda Minton:  Homecare is so essential between professional care visits.  How do Hyatt Spas secure that the guests are able to perform daily care when traveling or at home?

Hyatt Spas retail offering are a selection of indigenous products used in treatments along with internationally sourced skin care products. The concept is based on the premise that “Spa or Beauty Rituals” experience can be taken home and the effects/benefits of the products used in spas continue to offer long term benefit to the guests at home. All Hyatt Spas in our Regency, Grand and Andaz brand are aligned with June Jacobs Skin care. Hyatt Spas feature signature Face and Body Treatments by June Jacobs specially devised for Hyatt spas and the products used in the signature treatments are also available in Spa Retail outlet.  There is a selection of Massage oils, scrubs, wraps, facial care products which are formulated as per Hyatt Spas treatment concepts using various essential oils and indigenous herbal resources. Therapists after treatment completion give “Home care” recommendations for guests in terms of Spa Product choice and usage guidelines to continue the experience at home.

Melinda Minton:  What sort of education and credentials do your therapists bring to the treatments and what sets their level of client care and treatment knowledge from other providers at hotel/resort venues like the ones listed below?

Dr. Sanjay: Spa Therapists play a paramount role in influencing the quality and outcome of a treatment. Thorough knowledge of human anatomy, application of body mechanics, breathing techniques and the way to connect with a guest’s physical and emotional needs are the elements that our spa therapists are trained in. Our team members are the “Experience Creators” and not just order takers who are trained to listen with empathy to the guests needs and customize the treatment accordingly for it to be most effective. Therapists are always reminded that they are professionals and that, above all, they must behave and treat all guests sincerely but professionally. In the spa environment in particular, we focus on continuing In-spa training to upgrade their technical skills along with guiding them on how to always remain calm and peaceful in order to give the best treatment that their guests can have.

Melinda Minton:  How often do you update treatment menus and how do you handle educating your staff on these protocols? 

Dr. Sanjay:  Treatment Menus are updated every year once, with new treatments (Facials or Body Treatments) to keep in line with the trends and guest needs. Therapists and Guest Services team members are trained in the service and technical protocols by the spa trainer for a month before the launch of the new treatments.

Melinda Minton:  How do you educate the client about the selection of treatments and care that is appropriate for their personal wellness needs?

Dr. Sanjay:  Upon guest arrival, Hyatt spas Guests care protocols emphasize that every guest upon arrival to spa be offered a consultation or treatment planning to assess their Wellness needs. E.G – their wellness treatment goal, treatment preference, areas on the body that need particular attention etc. This comprehensive discussion of wellness goals  assist the Guest services team to create a customized spa treatment program addressing their specific health or beauty or spiritual goals to help them reconnect with their needs and accomplish maximum benefits from their Spa therapy program.

Melinda Minton:  Please share some of the treatments that you are most proud of and why they are effective.

Dr. Sanjay:  I am proud of the following 2 treatments:

Sirodhara - Sirodhara awakens the third eye and works on the 7 chakra energy center lulling the entire body into a state of calmness. It is very effective in establishing mind body, diminishing stress and anxiety and helps in relief of Insomnia.

Yoga Massage - As it is a form of body work/massage combining gentle assisted yoga postures with deep tissue manipulation and Marma (Energy Point) stimulation. It is believed that this technique opens up the energy channels in the body which run from the brain/head to the tip of the toes. Good health is a result of smooth flow of energy in these channels. It is effective in creating more self-awareness and takes us deeper into our consciousness.  

Melinda Minton:  I’m sure some of the ingredients that you use arw.e truly unique.  How are they sourced?  Please name a few of the most unique ingredients.

Dr. Sanjay:  The ingredients are harvested and sourced through Indonesian/local village farming communities by our vendors who manufacture these products for us.

Daun Waru (Hibiscus Tiliaceus)


In traditional medicine, the leaves of hibiscus help hair growth, make hair shiny and strengthen hair shaft.  The chemical content of hibiscus leaves and roots are saponins and flavonoids which help in deep cleansing and nourishment of the hair and scalp.  In our Spa, this is used in Crown Chakra Scalp Therapy

Bengkuang (Pachyrhizuz Erosus) Jicama

Jícama is known as Bengkoang. This root crop is only known by people in Bali, Sumatra and Java. Mostly they eat it at fresh fruit bars or mix it in the rujak (a kind of spicy fruit salad). Bengkoang is known as a skin whitener, and also as an antioxidant in food that is capable of arresting cancer and other degenerative diseases.  In our Spa, this is used in Pure Whitening Body Wrap Treatment

Melinda Minton:  Please share one of your most exotic treatments.

Dr. Sanjay:  “Shakti Kriya” ritual – meaning strength and vitality, integrates indigenous “Jamu” herbalism to bring about the positive changes in physical health, emotional balance, and spiritual well-being. This treatment ritual is recommended for guests with low energy, chronic fatigue, aches and pains, poor circulation and for those seeking vitality and rejuvenation.  The method of treatment involves application of herbal pastes, full body herbal oil massage treatment and soaking in mineral rich herbal salts to increase internal strength, boost blood circulation and soothe the signs and symptoms associated with stressful lifestyle conditions.

Some other favorite Balinese Treatments

Traditional Balinese Boreh

Balinese Boreh is a traditional method of body wrap designed to increase energy and ease muscular aches and pains. A blend of native clove, coconut, cinnamon, ginger root is applied to the skin and, using specialized touch therapies, is gently massaged into the body so as to warm up the muscles, boost circulation, and increase metabolism.

Bali Pijat Cokor

Famous as a traditional form of deep massage , this technique of manipulation uses the therapist’s palms and feet on energy lines and pressure points to unknot deep-seated muscle tension. Pressure point work aids in clearing blockages and enhancing body’s natural internal defenses whilst the traditional medicinal blend of cinnamon, clove, camphor, cajuput, generate heat and help to rebalance the muscle tone, improving flexibility.

Mineral salts and Herbs Hydro Soak

Drawing from ancient recipes, this bath energizes you with the purifying and revitalizing qualities of mineral salts combined with aromas of Kriya signature Island spices oil blend. With the natural goodness of ocean salts, this bath helps to boost blood circulation and assists in improving overall energy in the mind and body.

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