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Eyebrow Transplants

New figures reveal there has been a 45% increase in enquiries for eyebrow transplants. Transform Cosmetic Surgery reveals that enquiries about the procedure have almost doubled since 2010, with 70% of these coming from those who regret over plucking to keep up with past trends.  It seems more is more when it comes to brows, with ladies in the public eye like the Keira Knightley and Cara Delevingne on the list of those sparking eyebrow envy amongst Brits. Cara’s Caterpillars are so coveted they even have their own social media, with one of the many Twitter fan-pages devoted to them currently commanding nearly 5,000 followers.

The average age of those making enquiries is 30, showing that those who were in their teens during the 1990s – at the height of the skinny brow craze – have been left despairing about over-zealous plucking in their quest for pencil thins. Eyebrow fashions are always changing, from super skinny to the bold ‘Scouse Brow’ made popular by the E4 reality series, Desperate Scousewives. However, avid plucking and waxing to keep up with these trends damages the root, leading to eyebrows growing more and more sparse over time, resulting in the need for corrective methods to reverse these effects. Brows frame the face, and the shape of them can completely alter a person’s appearance, along with a darker, thicker brow providing a more youthful look. Far from accepting being lumped with feeble brows, this rise in enquires shows that women are taking action to achieve their desired image.

Hair Transplant Surgeon at Transform, Dr Mabroor Bhatty, comments: “The rise in enquires for this treatment comes mainly from women who have previously over-plucked, which can permanently damage the follicle leaving them with thinning or virtually no eyebrows. “As fashions have changed, women are looking to reverse these effects with the treatment. Eyebrow transplant procedures are performed in the same way as a hair transplant, by taking a strip of hair from the donor site; usually at the back of the head at the lower hair margin, where the hair is finer. This strip is divided into single hair follicles before each follicle is individually transplanted to incisions made in the eyebrows.

“As is the case with a standard hair transplant, it is normal to see hairs falling out for the first six weeks. However, new hair will grow on average between two to three months after the procedure, creating the desired thickening effect.”

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