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How to Arrange a Spa Retreat or Vacation

Planning a spa vacation doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive but it does requiring a bit of thought before you commit to an itinerary.

  1.  Budget:  Planning to visit a spa can truly run the gamut from hiking into the Tuscany to receiving a series of treatments at a five star hotel in Hong Kong.  Rustic spa adventures, for instance can be very inexpensive or astronomically expensive with sometimes very little difference in quality.
  2. Expectations:  Are you on a quest to detox, lose weight or get in shape?  Do you want end of the day spa treatments to add to a relaxing day of sightseeing?  Would you like to go to a far off culture and experience their traditions and rituals first hand?  Depending on your personal preferences and your extenuating travel wishes, a variety of spa options will be available to you that neatly fit your bucket list.
  3. Region: There are spa options on every corner of the world now so choosing a region for travel should first be based on other sites you would like to see as well as the ease to which you can coordinate side trips or connecting arrangements.  However, there are certainly a variety of uniquely sourced ingredients and indigenous traditions depending on the area.  For instance a sugar cane and coffee body scrub in Paupa New Guinea will be different than the same treatment enjoyed in Brooklyn.  A Frangipani and pumice foot treatment in Kauai will differ than a similar treatment in Ireland.  Likewise the protocols will differ for spa treatments as will the training and demeanor of spa therapists.
  4. Who is Traveling:  If you are a family seeking some together time with young children don’t shy away from the spa.  Instead, think cruise, family friendly all inclusive or a resort that accommodate for young spa-goers.  On a honeymoon or anniversary?  Treat your significant other to one of the many romantic couples treatments or packages to be enjoyed at virtually any spa around the world.  New to the spa or seasoned spa critic?  Choose your spa carefully considering level of dress or undress, level of experience of the practitioners, style of service from over the top to ultra-Spartan—as well as costs involved.

When are you Traveling:  Windows of 2 weeks between peak season and off-peak can save 20% or more on overall costs.  Moreover, if your travels primarily are indoor activities why would you care if the weather outside is not ideal?  Look into the region that interests you and weigh your options.

Traveling or visiting a spa as a couple?  Find out how to make your experience flawless.

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