What to Expect

Spas continue to morf, grow, change and adapt given breakthroughs in technology, treatments that produce results and consumer want and need.  When looking for a spa take your time and take control.  It is absolutely reasonable to interview spas.  Take a walk through the facility. Talk to the concierge about what different therapists have to offer.  Inquire about practitioner training, what types of products are used and other things that are important to you like, “is the spa green?”

If you are visiting a medical spa go a bit beyond the standard interview and ask if there is a medical director for the facility.  If the facility offers laser treatments, ask how new the equipment is and what type of laser they use.  If you are interested in injectibles ask how the medical professional who is administering your procedure was trained.  If you are visiting a resort before booking make sure that you will be happy with the spa.  If you are new to the city or a first timer to the spa try out the staff and facility by booking a mini-package or a selection of mini treatments.  Making sure your experience will be enjoyable, profession and time and money well spent.

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