About SPAA

About-SPAAFounded in 2001 SPAAThe Spa Association  is your one stop professional association for information, resources, education, and community in the spa industry. No other organization unites medical spas, day spas, stay spas, fitness and wellness centers.  The creation of Executive Director, Melinda Minton, SPAA fills in the gaps for any organization in need of business tools and resources to grow their people and organization into a truly dynamic, informed, reputable facility that stands out from the competition.

For the consumer SPAA provides a resource for industry advice, understanding of the selection of a spa or wellness facility as well as information on spa travel options.  For the industry professional, SPAA provides a plethora of resources from start up to completion and every stage in between.  SPAA is committed to growing, representing and protecting the spa industry like no other organization out there.  Join SPAA today.

About SPAA



The Spa Association announces Best of SPAA designation to direct consumers to outstanding spas, wellness centers and brands that are outstanding.  Among many things SPAA looks for:


  • Exceptional standards of care
  • Implementation of sanitation and safety practices
  • Respect for our environment
  • Training and treatment of staff
  • Sourcing of product ingredients
  • Mastery of results oriented and experiential therapies

“We field calls from consumers asking which spas and related products we recommend.  This allows spas and deserving brands to be designated as the best of the best,” says SPAA Executive Director Melinda Minton.


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