Icons and Legends in the Spa Industry

Spa Icons and Legends

Spa icons and legends are those leaders in our industry who were living the wellness life both personally and professionally before wellness was an accepted norm. The spa industry is steeped with those who ventured out to discover, improve and create because they knew there was more out there. Innovative and resilient these pioneers combined instinct, hard work, vision and persistence to create venues, products, services and tools that truly transformed the landscape.  Their success leaves clues for those on similar paths.  Enjoy one on one interviews with some of the most legendary figures in the spa, beauty, wellness, fitness and hospitality realms.  Heed the advice of those who have been there, done that and then created more for the betterment of our business.

These change makers forged paths in the spa and wellness industry before these movements were trends and staples of various aspects of what now is a multi billion dollar industry.  From oftentimes humble beginnings, these individuals created solutions where there were none.  They forged highways of innovation before there were pathways.  With seemingly boundless energy and insight they created segments of the spa industry that changed the terrain forever.  Far beyond making lemonade, they found a plot, tilled the soil, planted the seed, dealt with  incoming storms and grew the first tree that would produce a fruit.  Many moons later they had more than an abundant crop and began perfecting every aspect of their craft and contribution.  What an honor to have a one on one with these beautiful individuals and astonishing professionals.

Dr. Howard Murad Interview

Lydia Sarfati Interview

Robert Tisserand Interview

Duke Klauck founder of 10,000 Waves Interview


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