Membership Types

Memberships for Spas:SPAA logo round

Platinum Membership ($699.00 Annually)

The Platinum Membership Package is the premium membership level. It contains all of the benefits from the Gold and Silver Membership Packages and offers several extra benefits.  These benefits include access to the business center as well as a number of business tool kits to enhance your spa’s performance.

Gold Membership ($299.00 Annually)

Silver Membership ($199.00 Annually)

Individual Contributor Membership ($199.00 Annually)

Corporate Membership ($4,995.00)


Memberships for Vendors:

Corporate Vendor Membership ($4,995.00)

Vendor Membership ($699.00 Annually)

The Spa Association understands that vendors have unique needs so we have created a membership package to accommodate their specific demands. We offer a Vendor Membership as well as a Corporate Vendor Membership.  These membership programs come with a plethora of benefits.

Customized Membership

Please bring your wish list!  We are able to mix and match benefits as well as follow your lead to offer benefits that are unique to your needs.

 Vendor Membership Presentation

Membership Policies





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