Volunteer SPAAPlease consider volunteering at SPAA.  Over the years the staff at SPAA has enjoyed the camaraderie, input and creative touch offered by volunteers. It has been a privilege to watch massage, aesthetics, wellness and business students assist with projects while taking on responsibilities in their own right.  These gifted individuals have been a source of joy as we watch them develop their own unique sense of the industry while helping others.  A foundation-stone at SPAA has always been giving back, as seen in our membership donation process.

SPAA assists in job placement and some financial resource planning for volunteers hoping to further their education or launch their own spas, wellness facilities or related businesses after their volunteer stint has been completed.  Sometimes our volunteers try out skill sets that are new to them while other times volunteers simply want to expand their knowledge of the industry or fine tune skills that will be of use in their career.  Either way, our volunteers become life-long friends and family.  Some of the positions that volunteers may apply for include:

  • Social Media Aid
  • Research Assistant
  • News and Events Reporter
  • Technical Writer
  • Outreach and Non-profit Helper

Volunteers can work virtually and can work any number of hours given their interests and availability. To volunteer, please submit a cover letter and bio or resume to [email protected].

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