SPAA--The Spa Association


Media Leads and Interface

The Spa Association frequently receives requests from the media to help identify outstanding spas, new treatments, community connections, beauty and travel features. Products are identified for editorial choice features, ingredient information, unique efficacy angles and target market identification to a variety of segments within the health, wellness and beauty sectors. Furthermore, SPAA routinely sends out press releases, email blasts and story pitches to the trade and consumer media contacts.

Sampling Programs

Our sampling programs are extended to consumers, spa directors, specific types of licensed spa professionals or whatever target group that a SPAA member would like to focus on.  Please ask us about working with your particular needs.

Educational Courses & Tools 

The Spa Association offers educational tools such as webinars, guidebooks, Spa Secure and Green Spa certification as well as safety, retail sales, spa management, operations booklets and various business best practices tools.

 Spa Director Certification I and II

The SPAA Certification for spa directors and supervisory staff is internationally recognized as a premiere credential within the spa and hospitality industries. The program offers real world tools for spa management, operations, human resources, sales, marketing and providing world class customer service.

Sales Certifications

Sales education is offered both to spa staff as well as manufacturers staff and distributors sales teams. Certifications are available as appropriate for the type and depth of training.

Front Desk and Concierge Training

From scripting to active selling, up-selling, pre-booking, scripting and customer service are all included in this comprehensive educational program. Certifications are available as appropriate for the type and depth of training.

Compensation Resources

Members have complimentary access to our most recent publication of job descriptions and pay scales broken down by region, country and scope of services. Additionally a software tool walks the manager or spa owner to manipulate pay rates and compensation systems given the type of services that are provided, the type of spa and the specific credentials or licensure by each staff member.


The Spa Association conducts webinars at various times that cover management, operations, and best practices as well as “how to” treatment demonstrations and product/equipment specific training. Webinars are offered at no cost to members and are encouraged to be used for staff training and professional growth. Members can access the webinar library 24/7.

SPAA Website, Digital Marketing & Social Media

Members have a unique login to access “members only” content on our website within the Business Center.  Vendor members have access to advertising opportunities on the website as well as mailing lists.  Our quarterly newsletters offer many opportunities to feature SPAA members to all member types from product to spa venues. Email blasts provide succinct bits of information to spa directors and the media and go out several times per week.  Our social media exposure is vast and members are encouraged to send brief snippets of information that SPAA can send out through various social media channels.


Our list of vendor members is available to all current members through a digital booklet that is updated quarterly. Vendor members are categorized into type of service or product. The space allotted for each company’s information accepts a logo, brief company profile and contact details including a link to the vendor member’s primary website.

Professional Recognition

SPAA was  founded in 2001 as a global Association representing the interests of the spa industry.  With members in every category of spa and wellness around the world, members demonstrate commitment to the SPAA Code of Ethics, Conduct and Scope of Practice. Since membership includes Spa Secure and our Green Spa program as a complimentary part of membership, SPAA members tend to operate on a higher level of customer care, professional skill, integrity in business practice and respect for employees and the spa-goers who frequent our member spas and purchase professional care for home use.

Spa Secure

This self-licensing program offered to all spas and wellness facilities that educates and reinforces high standards of sanitation, safety, scope of practice, training, customer service and appropriate licensure.  Spa Secure includes site inspections, continuing education and business training.  The Spa Secure logo offers the consumer reassurance that the spa they frequent is meeting industry standards of excellence.

Certificate of Membership and use of SPAA Logo

Members receive access to a digital logo that can be displayed on SPAA member websites and printed materials as a way to communicate adherence to SPAA’s high level of standards and practices.

Green Spa Certification

SPAA utilizes the Ecological Footprint model largely set forth by William Rees in 1992 in the effort to compare human demands on nature with the biosphere’s ability to regenerate resources and provide services. The LEED green ideals and principles are also enacted in the SPAA materials and precepts particularly for building and facilities projects. Using a point system SPAA determines the environmental merits of a facility, business or product. Embracing the precept that the spa environment is by its very nature meant to be green SPAA holds ideal measurements of what it means to be green while working realistically with spas to move towards green standards.

Business Center

Marketing materials, ad slicks, spa illustrations, photography, newsletter templates, sample menus, business plans, operations manuals, profitability metrics, financing options, social media resources, forms, scripts, franchising resources, licensing, treatments and oh, so much more.

Research, Surveys and Data

Consumer & Industry Research is readily made available on our website for all to see in the hope that this pool of knowledge will sustain and uplift our industry while educating and inspiring both consumers and spa professionals in the process. Members additionally have full access to an online research library containing additional reports and studies in spa or related fields. Timely and specific research released throughout the year and is provided as a complimentary benefit to SPAA Members.

Monthly Polling

Brief, monthly surveys are made available to members as well as the media. Trending, regional and global economies as well as real world industry statistics are published within these publications.


Significant discounts for attendance or exhibition at trade shows worldwide. Membership also includes invitations to media and regional events and promotion to conference attendees and media.


SPAA works with several groups that orchestrate swag to VIPs and celebrities. Opportunities exist at a variety of events.  There are other similar opportunities for product placement at a discount that will fit most budgets.


Our digital business  publication that identifies new treatment and product trends as well as best practices, self-care for the therapist and operational aspects of the spa industry for both spa directors and technical staff.  SPAA members are invited to contribute to the publication by submitting articles, photos and industry news.


SPAA works with some of the best in this field to offer low rates, all-encompassing coverage and world class customer care. Types of insurance covered at a discount to our members include: health, dental, professional liability, contents and property, dental and disability programs.  Workman’s comp and automobile insurance programs are also offered at a discount.

Vendor Discounts

SPAA has additionally partnered with business providers to offer members discounted services in areas like: email marketing, web support, marketing, recruiting, advertising and accounting.  Furthermore, many vendor members have extended discounts to our spa members. These discounts include industry publications, product, equipment, sundries and software.

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