The SPAA Metric Guide

The Spa Association has introduced “The SPAA Metric Index, an industry tool used to assess the viability of spa projects.  The SPAA Metric Index is a resource made up of known financials  as well as consumer behavior that are excellent predictors of spa growth.  The tool is a free resource to members and non-members of SPAA.  While success indicators can be measured it is wise to approach each project with innovative vision.  SPAA does just that.

Benchmarking per region, per genre, per facility size or with regard to expenditures are all a part of this free tool.  If you would like to run your numbers for expansion purposes or for redefining your operations strategy we can apply your data, suggest changes or revisions to your current management, operations, financials or whatever areas of the business that you would like analyzed.  

Thinking of starting a brand?  Do you want to open a spa or wellness facility?  Perhaps you would like to add a spa or wellness component to your hotel or fitness facility….  The Spa Association can clear the waters confidentially, precisely and quickly.

Please call 970-682-6045 or email info@thespaassociation for more information.

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