Staff Superstars

Mel_RedAre you taking care of your superstars?  What’s more, are you attracting prime talent?  Long gone are the days of multi-generational employers, 30 years with the company and a gold watch.  These days what employees value is dramatically different than you might guess.  While it once was a coveted spot to be a prime time, full time employee—today, flexibility is the key.

Create Job Offers in Bite Sized Denominations

Work-life balance is the new rich.  Some value spending time with young children or aging parents.  Others want to further their education, travel or pursue a hobby or sport.  Accordingly, high level work is broken down into components including total hours such as Massage Department Manager or Senior VP of Marketing. You may have to replicate the position among like-minded and qualified team members.

Get the Right People on the Bus

There is an old adage that holds true no matter the environment or economic landscape, locate and secure talent as a top priority.  Once the talent is on the bus then begin to settle into which person is ideal for what position.  Getting a stellar group together that is happy while they are working and who are also leading a rich personal life brings value to the guest’s experience.  These custom fit employees can be scheduled to optimize their unique talents for specific projects and shifts.  Moreover, high quality, uniquely scheduled staff are much more apt to be able to manage their chi, their skill sets and their clients.

The Energy Project

“Energy is defined as your ability and capacity to do work,” says Annie Perrin, SVP of faculty and content at The Energy Project. Borrowing from the principles of energy as defined in physics, the idea is that channeling an employee’s energy into what they most like to do for the overall amount of time they would like to engage, undeniably provides better results for the employee, their co-workers and the customer.  Everyone wins.


Diversifying your staff creates a balance of differing personalities of individual’s with various life experiences and technical skills.  This sort of potpourri of talent offers the spa guest a gorgeous palate from which to choose a therapist. Furthermore, spa-goers often have very specific preferences:  a gentleman who will only receive massage from a man or the vegan who only wants vegan products and an aesthetician to match.  None of these preferences are right or wrong; however, they are crucial to the guest’s experience.

More Americans are working past retirement age than ever before. According to the US Department of Labor Statistics nearly 27% of citizens between 65 and 74 were still working in 2012 compared to 20% in 2002.  Workers report the extra work give their lives meaning.  They can mentor younger workers and have a more vibrant day to day experience that the average retiree who is no longer working in any capacity.

No matter how you approach staffing and human resources all signs point to one simple truth—workers perform at a higher level across the board when they are treated well.  The ‘human’ part of “human resources” is essential for workers to feel that they are making a difference and truly contributing to a better service or product.


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